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Агарков - Александров - Бронфман - MI-RSWB
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Любовь Пищикова, Зоя Латыпова
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Юрий Слоневский
Всеволод Агарков
Наталья Токарева
Алексей Худяков
Еизавета Казьмина, Екатерина Гедевани
Анастасия Золотова
Ульяна Попович, Надежда Романенко


"Peculiarities of the treatment-consultative work of the department of special forms of mental pathology"

Drobashenko T.G., bomarfa@gmail.com

Federal State Budgetary Institution «Scientific Center of Mental Health»,  Moscow, Russia

"Creativity in the life of patients"

Pyatnitskaya L.N., taksaeto66@gmail.com

Federal State Budgetary Institution «Scientific Center of Mental Health»,  Moscow, Russia

"Integrative principles of organization of consultative-diagnostic and rehabilitation work of a psychologist"

Slonevsky Yu.A., slonevsky2012@yandex.ru

Federal State Budgetary Institution «Scientific Center of Mental Health», Moscow, Russia

"Peculiarities of psychosocial rehabilitation of religious patients with endogenous mental disorders"

Kazmina E.A., kazmina_l@mail.ru

Federal State Budgetary Institution «Scientific Center of Mental Health», Moscow, Russia

"Technology of confessional-oriented rehabilitation of patients with endogenous mental illnesses with alcohol dependence"

Baburin A.N.* **, Magai A.I.* **, Kaz'mina E.A.*, Gedevani E.V.*, andrey.magay@ncpz.ru

* Federal State Budgetary Institution «Scientific Center of Mental Health», Moscow, Russia

** Interregional social movement supporting Family Sobriety Clubs, Moscow, Russia

"Psychopathological features of endogenous seizures in adolescence with delusions of religious content"

Kaleda V.G., Popovich U.O., Romanenko N.V., Kopeiko G.I., uo_popovich@mail.ru

Federal State Budgetary Institution «Scientific Center of Mental Health»,  Moscow, Russia

"The Russian version of the Multidimensional Inventory of Religious/Spiritual Well-Being (MI-RSWB)"

Agarkov V.A.*, Alexandrov Yu.I.*, Bronfman S.A.**, agargor@yandex.ru

* Institute of Psychology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

** I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Moscow, Russia

"Clinical and psychopathological characteristics of possession"

Pashkovsky V.E., Saveliev A.P., dr.savelyev@yahoo.com

North Western state medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov, St. Petersburg, Russia

"Orthodox psychotherapy: the request of society or fashion?"

Khudyakov A.V., Ursu A.V., Surina A.E., app237110@yandex.ru


"Integration of psychiatry and religion in rendering assistance to citizens of the older generation"

Pishchikova L.E., gerontpro@yandex.ru

Charitable Fund of medico-social, legal and spiritual assistance to citizens of the older generation "Gerontological protection" named after the venerable Gavriil Sedmiezerniy (Zyryanov), Moscow, Russia

"Experience of Interagency Interaction between the Psychiatric Service and the Russian Orthodox Church in the Prevention of Suicidal Behavior in Minors"

Zolotova AN, cehhin@mail.ru


"Epilepsy and moral values"

Tokareva N.G.*, Zheleznova E.V.**, tokareva-1@mail.ru

* N.P. Ogarev National Research Mordovia State University, Medical Institute, Saransk, Russia

** V.Serbsky Federal Medical Research Centre for Psychiatry and Narcology, Moscow, Russia

"Features of religious behavior in patients with schizophrenia with religious and mystical experiences"

Brovchenko K.Yu., conrad1988@yandex.ru

N.P. Kamenev Tula Regional Clinical Psychiatric Hospital №1, Tula, Russia

"Socio-psychological (religious) space"

Soloviev A.G.*, Babkin R.A.**, Igumen Feodosiy (Nesterov)***, ASoloviev1@yandex.ru

* Northern State Medical University, Arkhangelsk, Russia

** Severodvinsk City Hospital No.1, Severodvinsk, Russia

*** Arkhangelsk Courtyard of the Holy Artemiev-Verkola Monastery, Arkhangelsk, Russia

Reception of applications for the poster session is completed


Tatiana Pavlovna   Klyushnik

MD, PhD, professor, Director of FSBSI MHRC

Vasily Glebovich Kaleda

MD, PhD, Deputy of Director for the development and innovation activities of FSBSI MHRC 

Alexander Sergeevich Tiganov

MD, PhD,  professor, Academician of RAS, Scientific supervisor of  FSBSI MHRC    

Olga Alexandrovna Borisova

PhD, leading researcher of the Department of endogenous mental disorders and affective states of FSBSI MHRC 

Grigory Ivanovich Kopeiko

PhD, Deputy of Director of FSBSI MHRC for Scientific Work 

Petr Viktorovich Morozov

MD, PhD, RSP Vice-President, professor of Department of Psychiatry at the Faculty of Advanced Training for Physicians, the Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University